“Sultan Composers” Takes the Colors of the World to America


“The Color of Anatolia” events, organized by the Yunus Emre Institute  (YEE) in various parts of the world for the last one year, continue to promote Turkey and its rich culture and language.  

The latest of the “Sultan Composers” concerts organized in different parts of the world within the framework of the Colors of Anatolia events was held in the US capital Washington DC. It was a magnificent and unforgettable night for the audience.   

The first of the Sultan Composers concerts was performed at Yafa Turkish Cultural House in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 27 April 2017 jointly by Turkish and Israeli artists. It was later performed in other countries, Argentina and Brazil, together with local artists. The concert afterwards met with art lovers at Hagia Irene, Istanbul.    

The latest Sultan Composers concert  in Washington was led by world-renowned conductor Musa Göçmen while the songs were performed by equally world-renowned Armenian composer Ara Dinkjiyan. The concert featured works composed by Ottoman Sultans, performed together with American artists. It received standing ovation and was well appreciated in Washington. Composer Ara Dinkjiyan’s  piece “Ağladıkça” (was also shown great interest by art lovers.          

Speaking about the night,  President of the Yunus Emre Institute said: “We brought Ottoman Sultan’s works to the American stage. This is a special and meaningful gathering for all of us. This gathering is a step taken toward strengthening cultural and artistic ties between Turkey and the United States. The Sultan Composers  will continue to meet with the entire world and contribute to the building of intercultural friendship bridges by making feel the power of  music and art.    

The Sultan Composers  will meet with art lovers at Ontario Science Center in  Toronto, Canada, on 14 May with a performance to be held together with Canadian artists.