The Yunus Emre Institute Welcomes its New Turkish Language Learners


The Yunus Emre Institute welcomed 20 students who are beginning their Turkish language journey through the Institute’s summer introductory course.  These students join a network of over 500 past students from the DC area and over 800 from the online YEE program who have taken a dive into Turkish since the program's inception.  These 20 students continue the semester-by-semester trend of increased interest and turnout for the institution’ language program.  The 12-week program, which is in its third year in the DC Metro area, seeks to expose students to the Turkish language and the Turkish culture that it entails.  The class takes place every Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 9 pm.  The course is offered for free through the Yunus Emre Institute in order to forge bonds among people from across the world, and enable access to the language for those who may not be able to afford it.  In view of the institution, language is one of the most effective methods to learn about culture, so why should it be expensive?  Through the introductory course, A1.1, the students will learn the basics of the language by way of listening, speaking, reading, and writing with an emphasis on conversational learning, so that they will be able to effectively communicate in Turkish.  Upon completion of the introductory course students will be able to move onto the second half of the introductory course, A1.2, if they so choose.  Completion of both introductory courses will enable the student to take the Turkish Proficiency Exam, and be recognized for their Turkish language aptitude.    

For their program orientation on June 6 students met at the Institute’s office in DC to go over the course procedures, receive their language textbooks, and meet other students.  Students of the program come from diverse backgrounds and have various reasons for beginning their Turkish language education.  Some students wish to connect with their Turkish or middle eastern heritage, some are learning the language for professional purposes, and some simply thought that the class would be fun and interesting.  James, a journalist, said that he was taking the class because he had been to Turkey for work and would like to be able to communicate with the people there when he goes back. 

The orientation was led by Public Relations Director Casey Kim and her associate, Shiyu. The two introduced a video for the Yunus Emre Institute’s 10 year anniversary, which gave an introduction to the institution. They also spoke about their experiences with the program and what the students could expect from the coming semester.  Through a second video, they introduced the institution’s fully funded summer program in Turkey, which allows students to enjoy a much more personal experience with the Turkish language and culture. The Yunus Emre Institute looks forward to all the progress the students will make, and their experience along the way. 

The Yunus Emre Foundation is a public foundation formed to promote Turkey, Turkish language, its history and culture and art, make such related information and documents available for use in the world, provide services abroad to people who want to have education in the fields of Turkish language, culture and art, to improve the friendship between Turkey and other countries and increase the cultural exchange. If you are interested in learning or continuing to learn Turkish, please email