"Hermana: The Untold History of Ankara's Jewish Community" screened in the US

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

The award-winning documentary entitled "Hermana: The Untold History of Ankara's Jewish Community," was screened during an event organized by Yunus Emre Institute's (YEE) Washington DC branch.

The screening that took place at YEE's Washington DC office scored with a huge audience. Following the screening, the documentary's director Enver Arcak answered questions from the audience.

Noting that the documentary covered the history of Ankara's Jews, as one of the oldest Jewish communities in Anatolia, Arcak indicated that they compiled the story of the Jews who sought refuge in the Ottoman Empire in the mid-15th century and lived in Ankara for many years.

The documentary features stories, photographs and interviews about the Jewish neighborhood, located in Ulus district of Ankara.

The document focuses on historical development of Ankara's Jewish community since the Ottoman Empire and includes face-to-face interviews with the Jews who had moved from Ankara to Istanbul or to various cities in Israel.

During the event, a photography exhibition was also unveiled, containing the photos shared by the Jewish families who lived in Ankara.

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency, YEE's Washington DC Branch Director Halid Bulut said: "The Ottoman tradition of peaceful coexistence was inherited by the Republic. This is well evidenced by the facts unveiled by such documentaries. The stories told by Ankara's Jews are proof that even if they migrated to different countries, their hearts are still with Ankara, with Turkey."

"Hermana: The Untold History of Ankara's Jewish Community" is the first comprehensive research and documentary about Ankara's Jewish community.