Great Interest for Turkish flavors in Washington

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

During the international promotion days held in the US capital Washington DC under the name of "Winternational Embassy Showcase", Turkish bagels and coffee attracted great attention from thousands of participants.

Undersecretary of U.S. State Department Marie Royce initiated the event which was held in the Ronald Reagan building with the participation of the Washington DC embassies of many countries.

Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) Washington office also set up a booth with the contribution of Turkey's Embassy in Washington DC. Participants showed great interest in booklets promoting Turkey and its culture along with Turkish tea, coffee, and pastries that served at the stand.

"We try to address American society in the best way."

In an interview with AA correspondent, YEE Washington Director Halid Bulut noted that more than 60 countries participated in the event. "With the support of our Embassy, we, YEE represent our country in an environment where there are many different countries and we bring together the most important values of our country with people from different cultures. The interest of the participants is really pleasing, especially the interest in bagels and Turkish coffee" Bulut said emphasizing the excessive attention from the participants.

According to Bulut, more than a thousand participants were served during the event, adding: "YEE has been operating in Washington for nearly 2.5 years. We strive to make every opportunity available in a positive way. We try to address American society in the most accurate way by using our Turkish courses, culinary and cinema programs and all kinds of tools of current diplomacy. This was a powerful opportunity for us."