American Students Met Famed Turkish Puppet Show in The U.S. Capital


Nearly 300 students from three public schools such as Thomson Elementary School, HD Cooke Elementary School attended to the show which was organized by The Yunus Emre Institute in Washington, D.C.  

During the program, children were informed about Children’s Day and entertained by Hacivat - Karagoz and Beberuhi shadow play performed by the members of the Turkish American Arts Society of New York in New York City.

As one of the core values of Turkish culture, Hacivat and Karagoz puppet show has been included in the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage list with its history dating back to 13th century. It has still been used to utilize public and cultural diplomacy in an effort to introduce Turkish culture and Turkish heritage with people from around the country. 

As one of the most colorful characters of our culture and the strongest representatives of peace and kindness, Hacivat and Karagoz met with elementary school students in the capital of the U.S. and promoted the Turkish culture. We, as Yunus Emre Institute, will continue to make an effort for promoting the core values of our culture to the people of all ages under the umbrella of Cultural Diplomacy,” Halid Bulut, head of the Washington, D.C. branch of the Yunus Emre Institute told Anadolu Agency.