Strategy Development Department

Strategy Development Department

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Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Strategy Development Department prepares the Institute's strategic plan, annual budget and activity schedule, conducts preliminary studies for the cultural centers to be opened, determine the locations of the cultural centers to be opened in coordination with the relevant institutions and Institute's units, creates country and region strategies, performs productivity analyses in the light of the reports from the cultural centers and units, provide recommendations to the management and prepares the Institute's annual report.

The Department also arranges all accounting records of domestic and foreign activities of the Institute as per Uniform Chart of Accounts of Foundations. It arranges balance sheets and statements of income-expense at the end of the accounting period and ensures their delivery to the relevant administrations. The Department manages financial affairs of the Institute within framework of the provisions for general legislation and legislation of foundations, follows up all payments, and also provides service as a department that ensures flow of documents and information to the Institute Department related to the expenses made as well as collection and follow up of the incomes of the Institute. Furthermore, it performs financial audit of the cultural centres and prepares their audit reports.

Head of Department: Safiye YURDUSEVEN