Cultural Promotion and Projects Department

Cultural Promotion and Projects Department

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Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Cultural Promotion and Projects Department focuses on cultural interaction and sharing, and works to bring rarest examples of our culture and art to anywhere around the world by means of cultural centres that operate abroad.

It works to represent rich cultural heritage of Turkey in modern and classical Turkish handicrafts, theater, cinema, photography, literature, Turkish cuisine and in many more fields; and to ensure that Yunus Emre Institute is represented with exhibitions, festivals and similar organizations at national and international levels not only in the countries where cultural centres are located but also in many countries of the world through organizing concerts, exhibitions, workshops, stage performances, movie screening, scientific meetings, meetings of intellectuals and art courses which introduce this heritage to the entire world in the most competent way.

The Department plays a guiding role in creating annual activity calendars of the cultural centres; makes recommendations during determination of its activities by considering cultural dynamism in many countries, primarily in the countries where cultural centres are located; and provides support for the cultural centres for diversification and enrichment of the determined activities as well as bringing them to the target audience in the best manner. Working areas of the Cultural Promotion and Projects Department in organization of cultural and artistic activities include: contacting the concerned representatives of the institution in Turkey and abroad, organizing meetings and discussions, and cooperating with similar organizations which perform activities in the world.

Cultural Promotion and Projects Department evaluates its commemoration programs, which are determined by UNESCO Turkish National Commission within the activity calendar, and performs numerous activities in this field both in Turkey and in all countries where Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centres are located


Head of Department: B. Babür TURNA